Gygan -p2p file sharing

Gygan is the new p2p file sharing which not many know but they sure grow pretty fast seem they have well sorted catergory especially adult they now giving beta test free to try their app

what they capcable of ?

Unlimited file sharing ,unlimited download and upload speed,and unlimited space to store your file with 100000s database of music,movie,adult film…

My rate

Reason:seem they have limited usage for free user but seem it a new p2p so no harm trying it if you like then you may continue using it ,good point to mention about they their database are more well organize so search result will be more relevannce

gygan-p2p file sharing

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FLV downloader and player

This one i dont think i need to say too much the name say it all flvpro
it can download from almost all major tube from youtube to some adult tube as nowaday not all tube got download opton so now with flvpro it can save all your favourite vido right into your computer they are having free beta test for this app now

What they capable of?
Dont really want to repeat but they are a online stream downloader for all your online stream downloading ,from almost any site that are FLV stream and you can use it to playback all the downloaded FLVvideo

My rate

Reason:simple basic design not too much feature but if you not have a flv downlaoder yet i will recommend you to download it in case you saw any video that you really want to download and as not all media player support FLV playback so having a flv player is safer in case you find out you cannot playback the video you download from any tube


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Web and Text translator

It can be a headache when you are browsing a website or reading some text file that are none english or not your mother language so you might need some third party translator someone like me take hour
to translate all my text that i want to sent to my friend or forum in chiese but now all work can be done within a mouse click with this small app

What it capcable of ?
They can translate all web ,blog, document (pdf,text,word) into 75supported language of course one of they will include english
just within a mouse click all can be done real quick if you are often browsing other foreign website then this small app is just for you

My rate

Reason:They still have room for improving as a text translation include most major language maybe they can add more special feature
but my opinion is it already good enough seem it got all the basic feature that all translator should have


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Facebook plugin for profile design

Seriously most people especially girl will prefer their facebook account are in a better design but they all are good in design and it take some work to custome a good looking one so with chameleontom plugin facebook theme design could have been much easier than you thought

What it capcable of ?

It can Change layouts, backgrounds and colors of your Facebook to anything you want!

their design are sorted in group of 14 catergory having most popular catergory and lot of different design for you to pick

My rate

Reason:They got less design to pick but nothing much to complaint seem they are free if you are hardcore facebook user that love to change your profile outlook often then you might like to try they

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